Posted by: Costas Troulos | June 2, 2008

1st Open Meeting of Ebusiness Forum Id3 Workgroup on FTTx

On the 29th of May the 1st open meeting of Ebusiness forum Id3 Workgroup on FTTx was held at the President Hotel, Athens. 35-40 representatives of public & private sector came to the meeting which was, I think, a great success in participation terms. Group members are approximately 50, therefore, a participation figure close to 80% is encouraging.

Interesting thoughts have been shared during the meeting. Most of the major players (OTE, EETT, SATPE, municipalities consultants, all major construction companies etc.) of the telecommunications market expressed their views on the consultation issues. Nevertheless, we are expecting a more formal response to the consultation text [check previous post] by the end of June in order to incorporate with no exceptions and no misunderstandings all views to the final deliverable.

A final note: I was planning to write a brief on the meeting, however, the delegate from have already taken care of that! Please have a look at this forum thread. It’s very informative and close to what I would have done, whatsoever. A remarkable work Alex!


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