Posted by: Costas Troulos | June 9, 2008

3rd International Conference of EETT “Innovation in Broadband Networks & Services” – Part A

This weekend I followed the 3rd Annual Conference for Broadband Internet organized by EETT. This year, the conference’s theme was on “Innovation in Broadband Networks & Services”. Although I planned to participate in the conference last minute emergencies have prevented me from going.

Luckily, this has not proven much of a problem. EETT has arranged a webcast service for the conference via their website. It was the first time that EETT’s annual conference was being webcasted and proved indeed very helpful for me. Mdata, the company responsible for the webcast service did a pretty decent job. On the downside though, the slideshow didn’t work on Sunday. That made it a little more difficult to follow on the presentations of the day.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the comfort of my home office, having a coffee and drafting notes (and playing with my baby girl during the breaks!). I think I kinda liked it better that way.

I’ve missed most of the first part of day 1. Here, you can find a summary of the first part of the first day published at EETT’s web site. Here’s the same info in English with the help of the google translator (use it at your own risk!).

However, a tension in relationships between EETT’s president and the OTE’s CEO had made the headlines (And it was not the first time).

Prof. Nikitas Alexandrides, EETT president made a negative remark regarding OTE’s cooperation in the regulation process and expressed his hopes that the forthcoming acquisition of OTE’s management by DT will change things and make OTE a better cooperator in the telecommunication regulation process of the country.

OTE’s CEO Panagis Vourloumis responded to this by leaving the conference room explaining that this was an improper remark for himself and the organization. All top management of OTE group followed their CEO outside the room… (Many say that DT has worse relationships with the German regulator than has OTE with EETT – I leave you to draw your own conclusions!)

The rest of the conference was much more interesting… See following posts.



  1. Working from home: the environment-friendly future of modern society! As long as dads don’t have to change diapers while at work…

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