Posted by: Costas Troulos | July 18, 2008

EMERG – European Mediterranean Regulators Group

In Malta early July, the National Regulation Authorities of the countries in the Mediterranean basin agreed and signed the memorandum of EMERG, a network for Euro-Mediterranean Telecom Regulators. The group’s establishment and goals have been agreed with European Commission earlier this year.

The primary objectives shared by the regulatory authorities of electronic communications of Euro countries, which include both EU Member States and neighboring countries around the Mediterranean:

  • To create a viable market for electronic communications for the benefit of consumers and businesses, and
  • To bridge the digital divide, making the benefits of the information society accessible to all, especially by providing universal service

EMERG’s planned activities include:

  1. Benchmarking the progress and developments of markets and regulatory frameworks in the region
  2. Promoting a coordinated approach to regulatory methodology in alignment with the EU framework
  3. Transferring knowledge and exchanging information to shape common directions
  4. Promoting bilateral cooperation

No official web site has yet been announced, so few info about EMERG is yet publicly available.


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